Made To Defy Normal

This is my
Battle cry
My inward sigh
The outward lie
I’m letting them die
For now I
Know comforts satisfy
But always deny
The transforming of my
Very soul, and I can’t rely
On contentment when I
Was created to defy


In This Moment

I am
Pulled in many directions
Separated into sections
Searching for connections
Confused at my own reflection

I am
Facing my imperfection
In need of course correction
But my own introspection
Offers me no kind affection

I am
Longing for perfection
But against all objection
Life doesn’t offer protection
From a heart’s misdirection

La Ausencia Of You

La ausencia of you
Echos in mi alma
Like church bells sonando
To empty pews

I store up mis lágrimas 
In buckets de reflexión 
To be poured out in luto
As one who loved and lost

Sembrado in sorrow
The pain crece
As did the amor
That I once felt for you

The Absence of You

The absence of you
Echos in my soul
Like church bells sounding 
To empty pews

I store up my tears
In buckets of reflection
To be poured out in mourning
As one who loved and lost

Seeded in sorrow
The pain grows
As did the love
That I once felt for you

Sands of Time

In quick sand, sinking slowly
Surrounded by fine thoughts
With granules of truth
And just enough warmth
To make it bearable

Moving up the ankles
Which exist next to
His elbow, her knee
And the corporate ladder
With broken rungs

There is no talk
Of rescue or struggle
Only of weather
Of arms, legs, and toes
Of sunrises but not sunsets

Here lie the captives
Of dreams long forgotten
As the sands of time
Eroded the hopes of the young
And shaped them into
the “good enough” of the old.

Life is Better Close-Up

Today is a picturesque day
filled with Polaroids of strangers’ smiles
and impromptu conversations 
that develop right before our eyes
Carefree selfies that bring us back
to our true selves that often get filtered out
in the hustle of creating our picture-perfect lives
Kodak moments that capture our hearts
and remind us that not all days
are dark or blurred with tears
Memories such as these we carry 
like photographs of those we love
bringing them out to remind us
That life is better close-up.

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What Happiness Feels Like

It surprised me at first
When the warmth started to spread
Outside of my control
Filling my heart, my head
It grew very quickly
Until it burned very bright
But then it just burned out
As quickly as day turns to night
I wanted to keep it longer
Cradled in my hands
So I could see what made it happen
In spite of life’s demands
It didn’t seem quite real
But a little more dream-like
And I realized shortly after
That that’s what happiness feels like

But Dust

Psalm 103:14
For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.

But Dust 

When I cry out from being crushed
Under the weight of my lies and lust
He remembers that I am but dust
When I am filled with doubt and mistrust
And don’t want to do the good I must
He remembers that I am but dust
When I run from what He did entrust
and wish for His voice to be hushed
He remembers that I am but dust
How great to have a God I can trust
Who loves and forgives the unjust
and remembers that we are, but dust.