Under the Bridge

The outward signs
of inward turmoil
hint at the problem
that lies beneath

For as they say
still waters run deep
but I find at times
I don't even know
I'm standing on a bridge

Because when distracted and distant
the brain sometimes fails
to hear what the heart
truly feels.

I Can’t Regret Loving You

I always thought it silly 
To believe it, I did refuse
How could it possibly be better
To love and then to lose

It seemed much preferred
To avoid all the pain
To stay outside the waters
Sheltered from the rain

But now I understand
You changed my point of view
Cause even though you’re gone 
It was worth it to love you


I thought I was the chess master
The queen and not the pawn
But now I can see so clearly
That I was incredibly wrong.

I seemed so far ahead
Hidden securely behind my walls
But you saw my vulnerability
And now you’re making all the calls

How could this happen to me?
I thought I was in control
Keeping you in check
While guarding my delicate soul

But now I’ve come to discover
That I swallowed my own bait
And with no recourse in sight
I’ve lost to you, checkmate.

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In This Moment

I am
Pulled in many directions
Separated into sections
Searching for connections
Confused at my own reflection

I am
Facing my imperfection
In need of course correction
But my own introspection
Offers me no kind affection

I am
Longing for perfection
But against all objection
Life doesn’t offer protection
From a heart’s misdirection

La Ausencia Of You

La ausencia of you
Echos in mi alma
Like church bells sonando
To empty pews

I store up mis lágrimas 
In buckets de reflexión 
To be poured out in luto
As one who loved and lost

Sembrado in sorrow
The pain crece
As did the amor
That I once felt for you

The Absence of You

The absence of you
Echos in my soul
Like church bells sounding 
To empty pews

I store up my tears
In buckets of reflection
To be poured out in mourning
As one who loved and lost

Seeded in sorrow
The pain grows
As did the love
That I once felt for you

As the World Whirls Past

Take a chance
And as the world whirls past
Completely outside your grasp
Feel the rush of not knowing 
Exactly where you’re going

Let expectation fill your veins 
And simply let loose the reins
As you focus on the feeling, 
Be swept away by the revealing
Of all the soul’s been concealing

Sands of Time

In quick sand, sinking slowly
Surrounded by fine thoughts
With granules of truth
And just enough warmth
To make it bearable

Moving up the ankles
Which exist next to
His elbow, her knee
And the corporate ladder
With broken rungs

There is no talk
Of rescue or struggle
Only of weather
Of arms, legs, and toes
Of sunrises but not sunsets

Here lie the captives
Of dreams long forgotten
As the sands of time
Eroded the hopes of the young
And shaped them into
the “good enough” of the old.