Why am I so intense?

Well, I imagine it’s because
I try not to be a coward,
and I know that
only experience will teach me
the difference between courage
and foolhardiness
So I must be willing to learn the lessons
of embarrassing defeat in order to
embrace the thrill of victory.


Unwise Words








Words trout out at a steady clip

like unbridled horses causing chaos

I stare in shock at the brutes

which drug me unwelcomingly

towards the pit that I now

find myself buried in.

Dear Prince Charming


Sneak away with me
Let the sparkle in your eye be our north star
and our love be the fairy dust
that gives us wings to fly

For when I’m with you,
I can face any witch
and slay any dragon
For your presence is the armor
that protects me
and your kisses the cure
for every curse cast

For when I’m with you,
The clock never strikes midnight
and the shoes always fit
Music plays in the breeze
and happily ever after lives on

Picture Credit: http://lazypenguins.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Fairy-Tale-Forest-Mystic-Forest.jpg

My Poems Are Like Cans of Coke

My poems are like cans of coke.

Mostly I taste the sweetness

but occasionally I feel the burn

and sometimes

I wait way too long

and then the words are hot

and scorching

and burn my lips

for you see, sometimes

I just let them sit on the shelves

and ignore their presence

I drown my thirst

with other things

but when the shelves get full

and they can’t hold any more

I pop a tab

and brace myself

to pour out the substance

of my soul.






I avoid looking at you

I hide my eyes

I don’t want to acknowledge

What I already know is true

If I keep myself busy

I can evade your gaze

If I fill the air with sound

Your words are drowned out

See, you want to tell me something

Something that I don’t want to hear

I prefer ignorance

It’s bliss you know

But I feel like I’m running

Running away

Running thin

Running out

Of time

For I know you are arriving

Feelings, I can’t escape you forever.

Under the Bridge

The outward signs
of inward turmoil
hint at the problem
that lies beneath

For as they say
still waters run deep
but I find at times
I don't even know
I'm standing on a bridge

Because when distracted and distant
the brain sometimes fails
to hear what the heart
truly feels.

I Can’t Regret Loving You

I always thought it silly 
To believe it, I did refuse
How could it possibly be better
To love and then to lose

It seemed much preferred
To avoid all the pain
To stay outside the waters
Sheltered from the rain

But now I understand
You changed my point of view
Cause even though you’re gone 
It was worth it to love you


I thought I was the chess master
The queen and not the pawn
But now I can see so clearly
That I was incredibly wrong.

I seemed so far ahead
Hidden securely behind my walls
But you saw my vulnerability
And now you’re making all the calls

How could this happen to me?
I thought I was in control
Keeping you in check
While guarding my delicate soul

But now I’ve come to discover
That I swallowed my own bait
And with no recourse in sight
I’ve lost to you, checkmate.

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