The Cruelty Of Love

Your words reached out
Slipped inside, clenching my heart
With fingers of ice
They froze the warmth I carried

With pressure so slight
I found myself thrown
Grasping at air
Screaming aloud with silent lips

How cruel it is to love
For here,
Heartbreak is shared
Blood is intermingled
Your pain echos in my soul
And I cry your tears

Vulnerable and raw
Words flow like honey
Seeping deep into dark places
Breaking beneath,
I offer my heart
Praying it’s enough,
Enough to heal yours

Behind the poem:

When we care for someone, their pain affects us. In a way, their pain becomes ours. We feel the burden of their heartbreak. Sometimes it is very hard to know what to say when a loved one is hurting. No words seem right but we try anyway. We open ourselves up to connect with them in their time of need and hope it is enough. 


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