Breathing in the Dust

I heard once that if people hear of tragedy often enough that they will become numb to it. That is what inspired this poem.

Breathing in the Dust

Everyday we breathe in the dust
The dust of tragedy and heartache
Coughing up words of empty condolences
We cry no more tears
With vision blurred, we turn a blind eye
Though surrounded by pain and fear

We feast on the food of forgetfulness
And sleep to the sound of breaking hearts
Our ears hear no longer
They simply adorn our faces
Our hands comfort no more
How gritty and calloused they are
Our feet stand still
Frozen in time
Overwhelmed by the burden they bear

With dirty clothes, we prance 
As princesses and princes
Unaware of the stains which mar us
we proclaim ourselves as clean
One by one may we awaken 
Awaken to feel again
Awaken to cry again
And finally, to love again


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