I Walk in Peace Before You

I Walk in Peace Before You

Laughter floats in the air like flower petals in the spring
Beams of light surround me, glistening with warmth
The soft grass cushions my step and tickles my toes
All is a song filled with beautiful melodies
And tomorrow is a lifetime away
Completely at rest, my mind, my soul

The sorrow of yesterday has disappeared
Carried away by the same breeze that cools my skin
The sweet fragrance of a consoled soul envelopes me
And my dreams grow as tall as the trees before me
Here I belong and am beloved
I walk in peace before You

Behind the Poem

For many years, I have made a habit of telling God, “I walk in peace before You”. I say this in times of joy and struggle. To me, it signifies knowing that He is with me and that He is working all things for my good. It is a conscious choice to rest in His presence always. The poem below reflects this saying and how I feel when I spend time in His presence where as the Bible says there is fullness of joy.


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