The Prisoner

I can see it in your eyes
I can hear it in your voice
It rattles the heart and makes my soul shutter

With shackled hands you fight
Rejecting the One who holds the key
Choosing bondage over freedom
Breathing in the dank air and relishing the darkness

One moment of clarity and you are released
Freed to walk among the living
But soon, you return
Wildly searching, seeking the same chains
Held captive by deceitful thoughts and lying lips

I too am bound
Bound by the love I have for you
As one who watches a ship sink from shore
I call out for you but my words sink to the depths
The roar of your own heart drowns out my cries

Though all seems lost, I will not relent
I will call, I will cry out once more
I will struggle yet again for thee
Though you be the prodigal
I will be the Father


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