Dancing Near the Edge

My friend, who also happens to be my Spanish tutor, recommended that I read a selection of Spanish poetry as my homework for the week. I am an underwriter by trade and a mathematician at heart so poetry isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I thought I would give it a try. It went pretty well. All of the metaphors gave my brain a workout which was nice. I understood most of it and google translated the rest.
After reading the poem a couple times, I moved onto something else and it slipped my mind, or at least I thought it had. I happened to be chatting with God when I found myself asking Him, “Lord, Am I dancing near the edge?” . My mind stuck on that thought and I felt something pour out of my heart. So, I did something I haven’t done since I was 9 years old. I wrote a poem.

Dancing Near the Edge

Alluring, intriguing, but oh so dangerous
I feel the warmth of the sun touch my skin
The breeze caresses my cheek
My heartbeat quickens as I draw close
Close to the edge

The sand shifts uneasily beneath my feet
But I laugh unafraid
In my heart is the music
Drawing me closer
Closer to the edge

The music beckons, saying
The fall isn’t far
You could recover
The view is breathtaking
When looking from the edge

So I dance closer
As my toes grip the edge
It is though I am suddenly awakened
I am jarred by the depth of the canyon
The blackness of the abyss
The music is silenced
I am faced with the bleak reality
Standing on the edge

I would not recover
The wind whispered only empty promises
The sun no longer warms but scorches
And the rocks sting my feet
So I take two steps back
And two more steps
Away from the edge

Now I feel safe, secure
The ground once again is firm beneath my feet
But as the distance grows
The memories fade
The music commences to play
And I find myself once again
Dancing near the edge


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